SATRIASATRIA (SS) is an independent producer and event management company based in Bandung Indonesia. Since its establishment in 2011, SS has worked collaboratively with range festivals, producers, government agencies and cultural organization on a diverse range of performing art projects and tours

SATRIASATRIA is the producer of Indonesian Games 2016, and Indonesia co producer for OZASIA FESTIVAL 2015. Past major projects have included : Lutung Kasarung the Musical (Bandung 2011), Bandung Art Institute USA Tours ( 2011 , 2013), Pencak SIlat Festival ( 2014)

SATRIASATRIA produces some of Indonesia’s finest event and tours. SS expertise is also valued by many organizations around Indonesia and the world. Government, art centers, international festival, local festival, touring companies, and other have called on SS to help with

  • Strategic planning
  • Review and reports
  • Project management
  • Business plans
  • Project development
  • … and anything requiring arts management expertise with care and flair

Do not hesitate to collaborate with us on any projects, report, production or festival on the arts