Created in 2003, KUNOKINI is a group that combines Indonesia and other countries’ traditional musical instruments which is then mixed with contemporary music. Its music has became a uniquely fresh and bold new genre of sound where traditional art and culture is repackaged in a more popular way which is easily accepted by music lovers. Often invited to prestigious art festivals domestically and internationally. In Australia, KUNOKINI was enjoyed by at least 5.000 people.

In literal, KUNO means old fashioned and antique, whilst KINI means today, nowadays. KUNOKINI always successfully combine traditional and modern music harmoniously which is very much in line with their namesake. Since their first appearance on stage, KUNOKINI’s name has captivated Indonesian music lovers, especially the youth by giving the message of nationalism. KUNOKINI always receive positive response from their audience and the press. Following KUNOKINI’s steps, nowadays there are a lot of new musical groups that explore percussion.

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