TRAH is music ensemble formed at 2008 in Bandung, Indonesia. The main person trio are a multi-telented artist who have a same vision in music evolution progress in little scale, all trio musicians have years of experience and lengthy producing music, and it show in the singular focus and highliy refined execution of TRAH.  The trio consist are Iman “jimbot” Rohman, Gigi Priadji and Indra “adscum” Nugraha, and each personel have a multi-talent ability.

At the beginning they produce some works for TRAH, there was a problems with how to develop what they want in music, inspiring by  Tabla Beat Science, Nitin Shawney, etc, TRAH begin to find a good form for producing some music. They musical character is about adaptating of modern art or music with they identitiy as the Sundanese (Indonesia Cultures).

All they works has been inspiring by these terms  “Our purpose is to prove that people who are still hold on their customs can use a new technology as a tools or helper in their daily life, without having to remove or subdue the indigenous or origin the identity and culture itself.”

They have a very wide genres of music,  from original traditional music (sundanese music), modern music (electronic music), experimental music and others, they don’t want to stuck in one music line and field, they do exploration of sounds in any possibilities to generate a harmonic between electronic music and acoustic (traditional sundanese music),

Currently TRAH is not only a music ensemble, they do exploration in documentary project of almost extinct indigenous traditional sundanese music and culture.