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Rejang Shanti is a new communal dance inspired by Rejang dance – originally a sacred communal dance of Bali. Rejang Shanti (Shanti means ‘peace’) is meant to be a gift to all the lands and its peoples, regardless of the nation, religion and race. Through the dance, dancers purify themselves and purify the Earth.

Rejang theme is chosen as it has become one of the nine traditional dances of Bali included being inscripted by UNESCO as Intangible World Cultural Heritage (5 December 2015).  Rejang Shanti is transforming the form of Rejang – from a sacred dance for temple ceremonies into a pure dance form that sanctifies gratitude for life’s blessings , and constant strive to practice sincerity & kindness.

The dance is made simple so that it can be performed by all age groups, accompanied by vocals that explore traditional singing as well as gamelan vocalization, named Gending Genjek. The costume uses Indonesian textiles such as Balinese Endek handwoven fabric.

Only 50 seats available for this workshop.



Gugum Gumbira, a figure from Indonesia, one of his spectacular work was created a traditional dance that is now very popular, called Jaipongan. First performed in 1974, Jaipongan is a very complex traditional music and dance with the dynamic of its tunes, because it mixed up the old ritual dance called “Ketuk Tilu”, with movement of Indonesia Martial Art “Pencak Silat” and music from “Tarian Teater Bertopeng”, “Topeng Benjet”, and “Teater Wayang Golek”. Right now, there’s Jugala Orchestra created by Gugum, which is performing the Indonesia traditional instrument such as gamelan, drum, and rebab, playing the jaipongan with a contemporer music too.